BLACK HISTORY WEBQUEST Name Rosa Parks Rosa Parks has

Rosa Parks
1. Rosa Parks has been called the “Mother of the Modern-Day _______________________
2. Is Rosa Parks still alive? _______________________________________
Martin Luther King jr.
3. Watch a short version of Martin Luther King jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech.
Jackie Robinson
4. What was the name of the Professional Baseball team Jackie played on?
5. Is his number retired? ________________________________________
Oh Grow Up
6. Play Oh Grow up on the website.
Harriet Tubman
7. After Harriet freed herself from slavery she helped with the
Jesse Jackson
8. In what 2 years did Jesse run for President? __________________ and __________________
9. Go to the website and play Find the Face
Rosa Parks- Click on this website to find the answers to questions 1 and 2
Martin Luther King. Jr- click this website to watch the video in #3
Jackie Robinson- Click here to answer questions 4 and 5
Oh Grow Up- Click here to play Oh Grow Up question 6,28285,97503,00.html
Harriet Tubman- Click here to answer question 7
Jesse Jackson- Click here to answer question 8,28285,97680,00.html
Find the Face
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