Editable Auction Donation Letter (doc)

January 2015
Dear Friend,
1501 O’Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
To integrate Japanese language
and culture with the school
district’s core curriculum, providing
students and their families with a
rich educational experience
and window to the world.
Dave Blacker
Augie Phillips
When you were growing up, were you a part of a community that helped
you form your identity and engaged your whole family? Today you can
honor that experience by providing it to someone else – the children of the
Rosa Parks Elementary School Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP)
of the SF Unified School District (SFUSD), located in the Western Addition.
With a tight budget and a lot of heart and soul, the program, including
native Japanese Sensei (instructors), helps the 250 children of the Rosa Parks
JBBP learn to speak, write, read and understand Japanese. JBBP students
also celebrate culture and traditions in a way that fosters a lifelong love of
learning, prepares them for college, and opens their minds to a global view.
JBBP serves a diverse population of students from the neighborhood and
throughout the city and is one of the SFUSD’s great success stories.
For over 40 years, unflagging support from parents, families, community
organizations and businesses have made it possible to offer JBBP to public
elementary students, even during times of severe budgetary limitations.
Deborah Hamilton
Kristen Hata
Tony Tam
Ed Castellanos
Ako Hisa
Kent Iwamiya
We are holding our 2015 Annual Celebration and Fundraiser on Saturday,
March 14, 2015, at St. Mary’s Cathedral at 1111 Gough Street, and are
seeking donations of goods or services for our auction, cash, and/or
purchase of ads for our program. We would appreciate your tax-deductible
donation. Our Tax ID Number is 03-0436102.
Lynn Muscat
Erika Onuma
Raymond Lum
Taeko Morioka
Rachel Hinson
Naomi Nishioka
Please see the attached pages for ad prices.
We look forward to a favorable reply by Friday, February 13, 2015. With
your help, we can continue to help the children of the Rosa Parks JBBP
receive a strong Japanese language and culture program in addition to their
regular elementary school education.
To donate or for more information, please contact Kristy Topham at
[email protected]/415.637.9520. For more information about our
program, visit www.jbbpsf.org.
The children of Rosa Parks JBBP thank you for your generosity!
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