Dean’s Council Wednesday, March 28, 2012 8:30am - 10:00am

Dean’s Council
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
8:30am - 10:00am
Health Occupations Conference Room
Present: Utpal Goswami, Rachel Anderson, Joe Hash, Angelina Hill, Pat Girczyc, Jeff
Cummings, Geisce Ly, Anita Janis, Crislyn Parker-notes
1. Gainful Employment Reporting
 Some colleges post their “gainful reporting” on the front page of their website (often
referred to as GE)
 Per Angelina, the State is moving to standard template but the time frame is unknown
(next reporting is October, 2012, so it should be prior to that)
 CR Gainful Employment reporting is on our web, but is difficult to access.
 Regarding a letter recently received from Federal Work Study, regarding Title IV
eligibility non-compliance, Angelina has determined CR is not in error and will prepare a
letter of clarification and copy Utpal.
 Per Jeff many colleges allocating funds for exit surveys to track all completers to see
where they are going. CR currently does this for DOL, non-traditional students, and CTE
programs, and it will be expanded. It will go to students preferred emails, starting with
the 05/06 academic year, and there will be done an annually to capture everyone.
 Also monitoring degree programs for completers.
2. Review of Program Outcomes
 Utpal needs program outcomes for the catalog. He would like a list of who is complete,
and who is not. We can assist any who need help. Angelina will send the list.
 CR needs to finalize a specific process and rules for submitting learning outcomes.
3. SLO/PLO Assessment
 It was noted there is some confusion with the five-year plans and assessing all courses.
Bottom line, because of the Show Cause status, we have to complete at least one SLO for
every course and degree/certificate. We have to reach 100 percent before we can
implement our 5-year plans.
 The suggestion is to encourage faculty to choose one SLO that works for both course and
 Following Dr. Beno’s forum, a tracking form will go out with an informative email. This
form will be returned to the area dean for tracking assessment completion. This will be
one-time only because of the situation we are in.
 May 15, 16, 17 have been designated to get everything submitted. Assistance will be
available for associate faculty. Dialog takes place after assessment to determine how to
inform planning. This is where assessment Fridays come into play.
4. Overdue Full-time Faculty Evaluations
 A grid of all full-time faculty will be created and sent to all deans. The deans can track
when these evaluations are due. Full-time are evaluated on a three year cycle. Tenure
track and associate follow another process.
 The Master list will reside in the VPI office
5. Sustainability Practices for ACCJC Standards
 Areas
o Geisce believes sustainability begins with strong HR department regarding
faculty, staff and evaluations).
o Academically, a sustainable model for planning includes how planning occurs, is
consistent, clearly defined, and everyone know the processes.
o Since there are layers where things connect, some kind of visual showing how
everything flows would be helpful.
o Utpal offered for consideration, that a periodic evaluation of department or
division assessment, PLO and SLO processes, take place at the dean’s level. This
will empower deans to direct activity in the divisions.
o Geisce would like discussion on what defines an education center and how will
look in next five years.
o Create a structure at the dean’s level of how to evaluate program health. Start with
a watch-list prior to moving into the formal AP process.
o Utilize the Economic Workforce Center databases (free) to compare with
projections and our targets to establish benchmarks for areas when looking at our
programs. Determinations should also look at employment outcomes.
6. Revision of Dean’s Job Description
 Include assessment as part of the description.
7. Coordination between Eureka, campuses and sites (Pat Girczyc)
 Move to next meeting.
Adjourned at 10:10am