FA Executive Council Agenda 9/19/12 1) Approve minutes (5 min)

FA Executive Council Agenda 9/19/12
1) Approve minutes (5 min)
2) Discuss and vote on 10/3 Faculty Assembly agenda (20 min)
3) Discuss and vote on 10/10 Faculty Conference agenda (10 min)
a. Proposed Options:
i. The Crisis in Higher Education Costs – Whose Fault and How to
Fix It?
ii. Faculty Tenure and Promotion – Do We Have The Right Criteria?
iii. Service Learning
b. Note AIS Dean candidate is scheduled for presentation at 1:30. Should we
change the time of the conference?
c. Arranging presenters for faculty discussion. (No more than 15 minutes of
set-up lecture per discussion, max 3 powerpoints if at all.)
4) Increasing number of Assistant Deans (10 min)
a. Assistant Deans have been appointed to certain programs, displacing
faculty supervision.
5) New and revisions to academic-curricular policies should be passed through FA
(5 min)
6) ARC liaison (5 min)
a. What do we do given that the two meetings are at the same time?
7) Faculty Dean survey (5 min)
a. Exec Council minutes of April 25, 2012 call for a motion at the Faculty
Conference on May 22, 2012, to approve survey language and distribution
of results. No minutes of that Conference appear on the FA website.
8) Board of Trustees meeting 10/1 (5 min)
a. Items for FA President’s report
Note: We will end at 10:35 am