Program Review Committee Friday, December 3, 2010 9:30-10:30 Present:

Program Review Committee
Friday, December 3, 2010
Board Room
Present: Paul Hidy, Karen Nelson, Bill Honsal, Rachel Anderson, Mike Peterson,
Melody Pope, Keith Snow-Flamer, Utpal Goswami, Todd Olsen, Zach DeLoach, Vinnie
Peloso, Toby Green, Cheryl Tucker
Absent: Cindy Hooper, Hillary Reed,
1. Spring 2011 PRC Meeting Schedule
 Reviewed new schedule
 Need to add the PRC meetings to the calendar
2. Determine PRC subcommittee process
 Rubrics are okay and are on the PRC website under supporting docs
 Todd expressed concerns with the lack of trends
o Concerned about changes made to programs using faulty trends, i.e. what
if a program changes something based on enrollment trends in their
Program Review and it is not legit?
 Pull out examples from last years program review’s to norm
 Meeting on January 21st, norming the rubrics
 December 17th have the subcommittees meet
 What about student success and achievement
o What metric do we use to measure student success?
o Todd feels our assumptions are faulty- does everyone comes for a degree
or certificate?
o There is room for different types of student success
o Discussion about financial aid and differences of opinion of student
o Todd is concerned about radical changes made to metrics of student
success based on faulty assumptions
o Discussion of entry, exit, completer and leavers for student success
o Melody and DN conduct this process as a department on paper
o Zach noted that Maggie and ITS are working on this matter
o This needs to be a future agenda item
o College ink via Frontline
o Future meeting with student success and cocktails
3. Update IR data and forms
 Annuals and comps are still on the IR website
 Remove the annuals from the IR webpage
4. Issues related to Annual versus Comprehensive Program Reviews
 Discussion of comprehensives versus annuals and departments/disciplines with
needs (tear-off sheets)
 Departments/disciplines participating in a comprehensive program review can
submit their departmental needs through the comprehensive review addendums
without filling out the annual program review document
Basic skills for comprehensive reviews is an issue
There are issues with the comprehensive template
Vinnie notes HCOM was unaware of the comprehensive reviews schedule
Utpal recommends sending out the comprehensive reviews scheduled due dates
and information via email
Send out calendar, annual versus comprehensive, who is who, review template
and addendum component
List of courses from catalog of courses for faculty
Area coordinators and deans will coordinate who is who
Keith sent out an email, regarding Administrative Program Reviews and will sent
a follow-up email
Send emails to area coordinators with all email, not email to all
Deans on down hierarchal, branch campuses: what about them?
Some folks are completing four programs
Send it out to all
5. Corrections to meeting notes 11-19-10