REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Meeting of the Enrollment Management Committee (EMC)

Meeting of the Enrollment Management Committee (EMC)
April 1, 2013, 1:15-2:40 pm, New Boardroom
1. Call to Order: Present: Keith Snow-Flamer, Bruce Wagner, Danny Walker, Lynn Thiesen,
Kathy Goodlive, Sheila Hall, Rachel Anderson, Jeff Cummings, Pam Kessler, Paul
DeMark, Angelina Hill, Barry Tucker; Anita Janis, Dave Gonsalves, and Michelle Blecherphone; Crislyn Parker –notes; Erin Wall-guest
2. Review Summary Notes from: March 18, 2013: Approved as Corrected
3. Action Items
4. Discussion Items
4.1 Summer Schedule Update:
 Based on the current summer schedule, there is a good chance of meeting our current
year FTES. This projection does not include courses being offered at HSU.
 Tiffany and Keith are working with HSU to offer courses that align with their course
blocks. The course list, all transfer, was developed in cooperation with HSU criteria,
benefits both HSU and CR students, and does not compete with HSU’s summer
schedule. Registration starts May 28th. Seven courses are targeted: Math 50A, Math 5,
Math 120, HIST 4, ENGL 1b, ENGL 1a, SPAN1a, and ECE2.
 Still unknown whether CR will offer summer classes at Arcata High School .
4.2 Snapshot of Fall Schedule
 Based on the projection of 2184 FTES for fall, we are currently looking at
approximately 1900. The goal is to have more than 50% of total annual FTES for fall
2013. Sections will be added to the fall schedule.
4.3 Update on Marketing (Paul DeMark)
 Marketing in the Lumberjack for the classes offered at HSU will begin next week.
 Paul will convene a task force, including faculty, to meet this week to brainstorm
grassroots and community outreach ideas to promote summer classes, and implement
them quickly. The president will visit consenting high schools to promote CR and
update them on accreditation issues.
 CR is looking to have more of a Facebook presence in community. Paul is proposing a
50-second video to tie into CR’s 50-year anniversary: 50 Seconds for 50 Years; and
also looking into ‘constant contact’ strategies using twitter and tweet.
 A summary of active courses will be on the front page of the website; students still have
to go to web advisor to determine if a class is still open.
4.4 Progress on revising Math Assessment Protocol (supporting document)
 The math department is updating Acuplacer questions and changing multiple choice
answers; looking to use high school GPA, last math class taken and when, to inform
placement. Students with more recent math will be referred to take the Math Jam (302,
303) sequence to remediate, followed by the optimath testing (in house testing), which
would let students move up to 380. Math Jam sessions will increase to two of each
(302, 303) offered each semester as well as summer. Currently there are positive
results in this process.
4.5 Update from Basic Skills Committee--Basic Skills Course/Financial Aid Issue
 Lynn Thiesen informed that federal financial aid regulations do not allow federal
financial aid to students taking classes two levels or more below what is considered
college-level courses. This affects Reading 360 and Math 372. Reading 360 will not be
offered in the fall schedule; math 372 students will need to be informed prior to
enrolling they will not receive financial aid for that course. (A review of math 372, 376,
120 and 380 determined that 120, good for degrees, but not transfer, and likely 380 will
qualify for financial aid; other two are questionable.
 There is discussion to move these to non-credit courses: CR receives apportionment,
(slightly lower than for credit courses), there is no charge to the student, completion
time can be shortened, students won’t use up financial aid units, and there are no
repeatability limits.
 Discussions will continue on this issue, multiple measures, (including the math process
in item 4.4), as well as classes students can take and be successful while concurrently
completing their math.
5. Reports
6. Future Agenda items
6.1 March 18: Discuss summary of survey results
7. Announcements
 Lynn Thiesen replacing Ana Duffy on committee
 April 6, Planning summit, 9am to 1pm
8. Adjournment