REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Meeting of the Enrollment Management Committee (EMC)

Meeting of the Enrollment Management Committee (EMC)
December 7, 2015 2:10-3:40 pm
1. Meeting called to order. Present: Mark Winter, Jolene Gates, Chris Gaines, Dave Bazard, Joe
Hash, Dave Bazard, Angelina Hall, Marla Gleave, Sheila Hall, Rianne O’Conner, Tiffany Schmitke,
Crislyn Parker-support
2. Approve notes from the 11/2/15 Meeting: Approved as corrected.
3. Discussion Items
2.1 FTES Estimates for 2015-16
 On the handout, 2015-16 current FTES are in parenthesis (1796.2). Total current FTES for
fall are at about 1940 but do not include non-credit FTES. Angelina will estimate 1970 for
fall; with a total of 3800 for the year, including approximately 50 for summer enrollments
up to July 1.
 Targets are projected primarily by historical data, funding limits and best guess based on
trends. Angelina researched state criteria used for enrollment projections, including
estimated high school graduating classes, unemployment and fiscal considerations.
o High school graduating classes are estimated at remaining level or declining for a
while. Kindergarten numbers are increasing, but this won’t be realized at a college
level for years.
o Unemployment tends to drive enrollment trends – the higher unemployment, the
higher enrollment. 2013 Humboldt County unemployment targets show
unemployment would remain at 6.8% and DN 9.5% for next 3 years.
 Overall, based on the projection information available to Angelina, enrollments will
continue to drop slightly. Enrollment initiatives are not expected to increase FTES this or
next year. Angelina recommends estimating a total of 4050 FTES for 2016-17.
 Dave noticed, from the overall section report, available from IR, that areas such as English,
Math and PE had larger decreases in enrollments, while business, history and psych classes
have grown slightly over the last year. He suggested looking at these areas to maybe
determine why the numbers are dropping. He sees an overall decrease of 6% over the last
few years.
2.2 2015-17 Enrollment Management Plan (April 2015) Revision
 The only changes to the EM Plan are in the organization, which enables us to see what is
being done well, and where gaps exist. Between now and next meeting, look at your areas
and bring any suggested changes. The goal is to complete revision this plan by the end of
spring 2016.
2.3 Scheduling Guidelines
 The final version of this document is sent to deans and instructional directors to aid in
schedule planning. Changes that will be made:
 Items #1, 4, and 7 will be deleted. Item #10, student notification, will be revised.
Noncredit cancellation process is still in flux.
 Suggestion to add a note for schedulers to refer to the overall section report for historical
information and to add “in consultation with…” the sites to the language.
4. Future Agenda items
5. Announcements - next meeting: Monday, February 1