Planning, Review, and Budget Council November 24, 2014

Planning, Review, and Budget Council
Program Review Synthesis Statement to Faculty Prioritization Committee
November 24, 2014
The PRBC recommends that the college consider a radical new direction from its
historical pattern. Traditionally, we obtain our FTES goal, translate that to FTEF, and put it on
schedule, adding new faculty based on retirements and need. From reading and synthesizing
over fifty Program Reviews, we see a critical need for classified and administrative personnel to
support our existing and projected FTES goals. Critical gaps in infrastructure prevent us from
maintaining programs and meeting student needs.
On the Academic side, there are programs that are on the brink of not being able to
support students in achieving their educational goals, and they need faculty. Disciplines anchored
by one or no fulltime faculty are likely to be in the “worst” position, and those disciplines are a
priority, given FTES. Similarly, Math appears to be a major completion gap, which would
necessitate multiple faculty hires. Counseling, given retirements and increased load from SSSP,
is a need as well.