Minutes Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council
November 12, 2010
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
UC - Catamount Room #215
Energy Management Updates:
$717K ARRA grant – retro-commission HFR Administration
Performance Contracting – BOT 11/30/10
Residential Living Programs
o Sustainable Study Break
o Recycled Sled Competition
o Tap Water taste test
o Build your own recycling bin
ES 495 Recycling Assessment update – Recycling Survey (presentation in December)
Green Energy Guide
Council org. structure
 Possibility of using video conferencing software to assist the communication of
committee members
 Contact other sustainability councils in higher to seek information on org structure.
 Looking at modeling after Wellness Council where people are appointed that
representative of different areas on campus.
Updates from the group?
 None
Campus Sustainability Day 10/20
Earth Day
More Facility Tours in Spring
Documentary: A Mountain Removed - A Documentary by the Students at Warren Wilson College
SuSub-committee development – top priorities:
Establish sub-committee chairs
Update website w/ definitions
Idea Bank – divided by subcommittee:
 Programming & Outreach - awareness programs, campus events, etc.
o Education & behavior change
o Create list of service opportunities
o Create a WCU sustainability policy
 Education & Academic Integration – academic curriculum
o Course offering data collection
o Get more faculty involved
o Working w/ Faculty Center to offer green work shops
o Use meeting schedule template for fall to adapt to faculty schedules.
 Planned & Natural Environment – waste reduction & recycling, green building, dining
services, energy management, operations & maintenance, etc.
o Review existing policies (Pay for Print & Purchasing)
o Virtual green tour
o Goodwill trailer at move out
o Water quality advocacy