Deans’ Council Meeting Held: November 15, 2012

Deans’ Council Meeting
Held: November 15, 2012
Attendees: E. Daffron, L. Chakrin, E. Saiff, S. Perry, H. Nejad, S. Rosenberg, E. Siecke, C.
Romano and invited guest M. Van Der Wall.
Removal from Class
Removal from Class Policy/Procedure was brought up for discussion by E. Daffron and M.
Van Der Wall.
Discussion on specific wording – particularly in procedure - substantially disruptive behavior –
defined by M. Van Der Wall as behavior that is considered of substantial value and
importance. Suggestion to add phrase about the behavior interfering with other students’
ability to learn.
Addition to #1 – the faculty member will inform the student, in writing….” Suggestion to add
and copy dean.
Policy has been sent to V. Markowski, director of public safety, for review.
Changes/corrections will be made and policy/procedure will be brought to Provost’s Council in
the following weeks.
The number of sabbaticals that will be available this year has not yet been decided. Application
date has been extended by one week. The Administration has suggested a minimum of 5% of
eligible faculty up to a maximum of 10%. The AFT accepts the minimum that is suggested but
not the maximum number.
One Year Schedule of Courses
Analysis of the past spring 2012 – there were Major changes in schedule in various schools–
more than would be expected with good planning. Deans must discuss with conveners and
work closely with them to cut down on these changes. It is difficult from advisement
perspective to set a schedule with a student and then have the schedule change.
B. Barnett made the point that faculty have to be available for advising.
Discussion on the number of students who showed up for mandatory advising.
CRWT and Math Gen Ed Policy
There was a discussion of registration and 64 credit issue and glitches that surfaced in the
computer system. The biggest issues were with Math and prerequisites, and manual
registration of students.
There was a comment that faculty see this policy as being imposed upon them. They are not
really aware of the pedagogical implications of this policy. It is important to find other venues
where policies can be discussed.
Discussion of the length of time of unit council meetings and communicating needed
information to faculty.
A unit council meeting or school retreat was added on January 17, 2013, from 2 – 4 pm. C.
Romano agreed to have it posted on the academic calendar.
Age or expiration of credits will be brought back for discussion at another time. This will not
affect Policy 300-FF – Transfer of Credits.
Update on Strategic Plan – In planning there are two main methods of organization:
1. Ramapo has to focus on targets and leave individual units to determine how they reach
those targets.
2. Have the group develop initiatives that would lead the college to goals and let groups
set targets.
Consultant has pointed out that there is nothing distinctive in the strategic plan as currently
Also have to decide how to put the plan out to the Ramapo community.