CMS Cameron McKenna

CMS Cameron McKenna
The interviewer mainly asked me a set of questions based on the written form he/she was given by the
HR. It started with a broad topic like "teamwork" then moved on to a more specific area like how could
teamwork lead to a success etc. I think they were looking for a well-structured and succinct answer for
each sub-question - also slowdown your speed to give he/she enough time writing down your answer!
- Why CMS Cameron McKenna?
- Teamwork experience: how teamwork led to a success that was achieved by previous team? Previous
frustrating experience while working in a team
- How to meet deadline
- How to organise your time
- An experience organising a social event
- What you hate/like about your previous work experience
- Any difficulties in your previous project/task/academic work and how did you solve it
- A legal experience that contributed to your quality of becoming a trainee
- Why commercial lawyer
- An example which shows your accuracy/precision
- Example of being attentive to details
I was asked to advise a European financial brokerage company which intended to merge with a smaller
competitor who operates several offices in Eastern Europe. Profits, expenses, business performance
and number of employees of each office were provided. The document also enclosed feedbacks from
customers and employees about the financial services offered by both companies.
- They tend to confuse you by giving lots of irrelevant information so it is good to skim through the given
text and only focus on the key facts
- There were also lots of numbers and calculations involved (to assess whether which office should be
closed and to suggest alternative business plans to boost up the performance of the merged entity)
- Time pressure/ peer pressure (you will be working individually in a small group)
I had to come up with a balanced argument and make sure the given information strengthened my
argument. I think they are looking for a well-rounded and balanced argument with solid evidence rather
than a one-sided conclusion.
You will then be doing the office tour with a trainee and two other candidates - followed by lunch and
they will tell you if you are successful and invited to stay for the second round assessment in the
afternoon that consisted of a group exercise and a partner interview.