Facilitator Guide Module Five A Beginning Teacher Professional Development Program

A Beginning Teacher
Professional Development Program
Facilitator Guide
Module Five
Institute for Emerging Issues - NC State University
Module 5: Technology
SECTION THREE: Community Connections
Time: 45 minutes
Materials Needed: TBD
Activity: Making Learning Relevant to Your Community: Under the
direction of the facilitator and master teachers community representatives
will be invited to participate and share in this meeting. These activities will
vary by school and district.
Suggestions for this Section:
Not only can we as teachers integrate technology into our instruction and
guide students to use technology in our classrooms, but we can also use
technology to help us grow as professionals! Consider the many ways that
you use technology (i.e. online resources) to help you grow as an educator!
What social networks have you joined? Who do you follow on Twitter? What
funding sources are available online? The online resources available to you as
an educator are endless.
This Community Connection activity challenges you to consider your online
community of support. You have several options.
Option One: As a whole group, brainstorm a list of the online support
resources you have used. Perhaps create a Google Doc for your BT Matters
cohort, working in small groups to share a list of the online resources you
have found helpful. Your list should include the name of the resource, a short
description of the site, and ways that you have utilized this resource.
Option Three: Have someone from the community who is involved with
technology and education speak about what resources are available in your
community. Maybe have a teacher who has been recognized for outstanding
work in technology integration come and speak about resources available in
your area.
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Module 5: Technology
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