“Exploring the Subatomic World – How and Why” Dr. Allena Opper

Department of Physics and
Physical Oceanography
“Exploring the Subatomic World – How
and Why”
Dr. Allena Opper
Department of Physics, The George Washington University
Hundreds of years before the Common Era, philosophers in India and Greece
developed the concept that all of matter was formed from indivisible building
blocks, which they called atoms. While the concept of building everything from
basic fundamental units is overwhelmingly supported by data, the ancient
philosophers had identified the wrong unit. We now know that atoms are made up
of neutrons, protons, and electrons – and surprisingly, neutrons and protons are not
even the most basic building blocks of matter. This talk will discuss how the
subatomic realm is explored and why scientists want to know more about it.
Thursday, April 18, 2013
7:00 PM
DeLoach Hall, Room 212