Academics THOMPSON TRIBUNE Important Dates to Remember for

Eli Pinney Elementary, Room 120
January 19- January 22, 2016
Important Dates to
Remember for
Next Week
* Yearbook orders are
due by 2/5
* Valentine’s Day party
2/12 from 10:15 to 11
Reading Workshop- Mouse’s First Snow, My Great Aunt Arizona,
Chrysanthemum, Stagestruck, used the title and the cover
illustration to predict what the book might be about, Toy Dance
Party, continued practicing finding “good fit” books during read-toself, shared connections we had with our books after read-to-self Writing Workshop – Opinion writing, My Blue is Best, made a
class chart of all the different opinions and the reasons for those
opinions, wrote an opinion piece about our favorite color, practiced
giving three examples or reasons for why we chose that color,
introduced sentence starters for opinion writing (I think ___ is
the best ____ because…)
Word Study - “in” and “it”, silly poems, classroom word hunt,
created class lists for each word family, word sort, Smartboard
game, assessment on Friday 1/29
Math - reviewed what we learned about the hundreds chart (+1,
-1, +10, -10), fill in the pieces activity #2, practiced filling in 100
chart cut-outs, played 100 chart tic-tac-toe, make a number
activity, 12 Ways to Make 11, 3 card rich problem
Related Arts Schedule
(4 Day Rotation)
A - Day: – P.E. (Ms. Hathaway)
B - Day: – Art (Mr. Blair)
C – Day – Library (Mrs. Riley)
D - Day - Music (Mrs. Casto)
Science - This week we started learning about matter, kids spent
time exploring different objects - a bag of air, a wooden block
and a container of water, made a class chart of what we noticed
about each, What is the World Made Of?, watched a Bill Nye
video about matter and charted all the solids, liquids and gases we
observed in the video
Featuring Room 120………….”Exploring solids, liquids, and gases”