Experiment 1 iodine Iodine waste

Experiment 1
All iodine and potassium iodide
must go into the Iodine waste
bottles. All methlyene chloride
must go into the halogentated
organic waste bottle.
Remember: If you miss a lab, you
are still responsible for the quiz at
the start of the next lab.
Turn in your signed safety sheet.
Dispose of methylene chloride in
the halogenated waste
The aqueous layer from the
extraction is put in the labeled
waste beaker in the hood
Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous
Decantation – water & sand
Separate solid from liquid
Filtration – sucrose & ethanol
Separate solid from liquid
Fluted filter paper
Extraction – H2O, CH2Cl2, I2, KI
Separate liquids and solids
Like dissolves like
Salt > H-bonding > dipolar forces > London forces
C-H, I-I
Distillation – ethanol
Purify liquids
liquid  gas  liquid
Sublimation – I2, sand
Purify certain solids
Solid  gas  solid