Part 1:


Music Department WAC Plan October 28, 2014 Part 1: The topic of “music writing” in our department constitutes two specific types of writing— research and analysis. A well-written essay focuses clearly and consistently on a specific idea, develops that idea thoroughly, accurately, and in detail, is easy to follow, and contains few/no errors in grammar or mechanics. If it is a research essay, it gracefully incorporates and accurately cites sources that are appropriate, relevant and persuasive.

The assessment of the research paper is based on the student’s ability to organize thoughts around a central theme, while presenting a paper that is sophisticated in its word usage and grammar. The assessment of analysis papers is based upon the student’s ability to develop a thesis statement, present supporting points, develop a paper that is organized/coherent, and demonstrate appropriate grammar and style. The analysis paper does not include citations. Part 2: Music 2600: Survey of Music Literature: 5 pages of writing; 10% of course grade (Dr. Dippre) Music 3110: Music History: Ancient Through Baroque: 8 – 10 pages of writing; 15% of course grade (Dr. Marosek) PLUS preliminary 1 page exam topic paper AND 3 tests with 2 essays per test Music 3130: Music History: Classicism through Romantic: 8 – 10 pages of writing: 15% of course grade (Dr. Marosek) PLUS 3 tests with 2 essays per test AND 3 analysis papers, 4 pages each Part 3: Writing Across the Curriculum Rubric for Music Department Research Writing (see attached rubrics)