News From Mrs. Rowe and Mr. Miller

News From Mrs. Rowe and Mr. Miller
We have enjoyed meeting with many of you this week at parent/teacher
conferences. We also look forward to meeting with many parents next week
as we wrap up the fall conferences. As always, if you have any questions,
please feel free to email either of us.
We hope that you and your families have a great weekend together! As
always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
Mrs. Angela Rowe & Mr. Dave Miller
October 16, 2015
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Reading & Writing Workshop
This week in reading workshop we started to think
about the theme of a text. We started our work by
creating a list of steps for finding theme and
trialing these steps on two songs and a television
show (homework). We will continue this work next
week with more types of texts.
This week in writing workshop, we have continued
to work on our personal narratives. Students took
some time to review their initial “on demand” writing
(from the a month ago) and their most current one
(a week ago). From these two pieces of writing,
they wrote a goal to improve their narrative writing
skills. Students met with their writing partner to
share their goal and why. I am currently working
through the classroom to meet with individual
students on their writing and talk about their goal.
Social Studies
This week in Social Studies we
are completing our unit in
geography. Next week we will
begin a unit on light and sound in
Math Workshop
This week in math we started our unit
of study on division. The
previous unit math test
(multiplication) went home
this week. In division we
estimated quotients,
connecting models and symbols, and
dividing by one-digit divisors.
Word Study
This week we continued our unit focused on
more Greek and Latin Roots: “dent” and
“don’t”. These roots mean tooth. We will
continue to explore them next week.
Important Dates to Know
Fri., Oct. 16: Movie Night @ 6:45pm
Tues./Wed., Oct. 20-21: COSI @ IRE
Thurs., Oct 22: Parent/Teacher
Wed., Oct. 27: Picture Day Make Ups
Thurs., Oct. 29: Harvest Party
Fri., Oct. 30: No School
* Conference Comp Time