SCFC Meeting Agenda

SCFC Meeting Agenda
Thursday, February 4, 2016 1-2 PM Alumni Board Room UC 207
1. Revisit Education Leadership SCF equipment expenditure proposal. Daniel Lee will be in
attendance to answer questions regarding the following.
SCF Expenditure proposal from Education Leadership for 5 Double Robotics Robots, 5 iPad 4s, 5
audio kits was reviewed and tabled pending further information.
*More information about the project
*Link to the webpage
*Maintenance and Management information
*Description on how this is going to be an improvement to current technology.
2. Approve minutes from 1/7/16 SCFC meeting.
3. Review Port subsidy request from Geography.
4. Port Subsidy discussion:
*Review Port Subsidy eligibility for consistency
*Plan for an audit of current subsidized ports.
*Discuss creation of a document for port subsidy management to be posted on SCFC website.
5. Schedule SCFC meetings Spring Semester 2016.
6. Other