Position Description Career Outreach Coordinator: Career Services

Position Description
Career Outreach Coordinator: Career Services
(H-H Title: Associate Student Services Coordinator)
This position is part of a Title III “Strengthening Institutions” grant to improve student retention
and graduation rates. This position will provide specialized career advising and outreach to help
students explore majors/careers, assess their skills and interests, and engage in high impact
practices such as internships and other initiatives to help them achieve their academic and career
goals. This program will provide outreach to various “at-risk” student populations, and
collaborate with various academic departments and student services units to enhance student
• Meet with students on an individual basis to provide career counseling, information on
internships and career options, and assist with employment/graduate school searches
• Interpret career assessments for individuals and groups, and promote the use of career
assessments, particularly among targeted “at risk” populations of students
• Provide tailored career advising for students who are in the conditional admissions
• Serve as the office contact for students in the ACCESS (Academic and Career
Counseling Enhancing Student Success) program who have been displaced from their
major and need to explore alternatives
• Monitor MAPWorks and follow up with students with career-related concerns
• Represent the Career Services Office in the coordination of the peer advisor program to
assist with mentoring and outreach related to career development and job search issues
• Conduct presentations and outreach to increase awareness of office services and provide
information addressing student needs (e.g. residence halls, student organizations, student
sub-populations such as students of color, Veterans, non-traditional students, etc.)
• Collaborate with faculty and staff in other departments/units regarding academic and
career planning (e.g. development of modules or other resources for First Year Seminar
• Work with the Program Coordinator in Career Services to expand the awareness and
availability of internship possibilities for students
• Develop strategies to help students effectively market their skills and experiences to
• Use technology and social media as a means to engage and inform students, including
enhancing career resources on website and marketing LinkedIn
• Utilize and promote various online resources including the CareerPoint system and
• Develop publications and creative marketing strategies to promote resources and services
• Coordinate programs and interventions to support the objectives outlined in the Title III
Strengthening Institutions grant
• Collaborate with the Title III implementation and planning committee, and serve as a
liaison between committee and Career Services
• Monitor the expenditures of funds related to the grant budget
• Conduct assessment to monitor progress towards objectives outlined in the grant
• Attend staff meetings and retreats
• Participate in professional development activities in the unit and institution, and through
involvement professional organizations
• Participate in university activities and serve on unit/university committees, as appropriate
• Serve as a representative of Career Services within the university and larger community
• Other duties as assigned