Coordinator, K-12 Outreach

Item 8.A-October 11, 2013
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Department: Dean’s Office, College of Engineering
College/Division: Office of Provost
Account #(s): 1311-117-0034
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Proposed Title: Coordinator, K-12 Outreach (Engineering)
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Approved Title: Coordinator, K-12 Outreach (Engineering)
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Position Description – Coordinator, K-12 Outreach (Engineering)
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1. Summary Statement: State the major function(s) of the position and its role in the
university. Attach an organizational chart with positions, ranges, and names for the division
which reflects the position in it as well as those supervised in the department. (This section is
used for advertisement of the position.)
The K-12 Outreach Program in the College of Engineering (COEN) is comprised of the Mobile
Engineering Education Laboratory (ME2L), the summer Engineering Camps, interaction and
coordination with community Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) events, and
other related campus and community functions. The Coordinator provides coordination and
implementation of above K-12 outreach activities. The position reports to the Dean, College of
Engineering with program oversight by the Coordinator, Recruitment and Outreach.
2. List the major responsibilities, including percentage of time devoted to each. Provide
enough detail to enable a person outside the department to understand the job (percentage
first with heading and then bulleted information).
60% - Program Coordination
 Organize and implement activities and curriculum for assigned programs (i.e., Mobile
Engineering Education Lab (ME2L), College of Engineering Summer Camps, and the K-12
outreach lab)
 Coordinate and plan activities with Washoe County School District (WCSD), other school
district administrators, and community group leaders on K-8 community events
 Recruit, hire and train Engineering student workers for ME2L and summer camps
 Schedule pre-visit and post-visit meetings between COEN students and elementary and high
school teachers and community group leaders to plan engineering classroom lessons
 Coordinate teaching, lessons, and field trips for the Engineering Camps with key Engineering
faculty who teach the engineering camp lessons in various disciplines
 Manage the on-line scheduling program for ME2L
 Participate in implementation of new Engineering lessons with COEN staff and faculty
Participate in program evaluation
20% - Program Promotion
 Collaborate with the Dean’s Office staff to design marketing materials for the K-12 Outreach
program; identify target audience for distribution of materials
 Collaborate with College recruitment efforts and with the College Development efforts in
working with donors of the K-12 Outreach Program
 Advertise and promote ME2L lessons to principals and teachers
 Advertise and promote Summer Camps to the community
20% - Operations and Grant Management
 Create reports and monitor effectiveness of programs
 Coordinate budget payroll, and personnel operations
 Identify and research new funding opportunities and prepare proposals for continuing and new
grant funding of K-12 outreach programs; act as Principle Investigator (PI) or project director
on grants in conjunction with COEN faculty
Position Description – Coordinator, K-12 Outreach (Engineering)
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3. Describe the level of freedom to take action and make decisions with or without
supervision and how the results of the work performed impact the department, division and/or
the university as a whole.
Level of Freedom:
The College of Engineering has a strong commitment to attracting the best and brightest students
who are interested in engineering. These early outreach programs are held for school-aged children,
to provide an introduction to engineering, provide hands-on engineering experiences, and to introduce
them to engineering as a career path. The position provides information about the college to broadbased constituencies and works cooperatively with the university and the community to promote
engineering education. The Coordinator consults with the Coordinator, Recruitment and Retention,
and/or the Dean or Associate Dean on budget issues and problems with faculty compliance with
campus policies or other grant problems requiring higher approval.
A successful K-12 Outreach program would have a positive impact on statewide recruitment efforts for
the College of Engineering and attract some of our brightest students to the field of engineering.
Contact with the wider community (parents, prospective students, counselors, community leaders,
etc.) will open lines of communication, which will enhance the College and University’s ability to
respond positively to the community and to educate the community about engineering opportunities.
4. Describe the knowledge, skills (to include cognitive requirement and verbal and written
communication), and abilities (to include task complexity, problem solving, creativity and
innovation) essential to successful performance of this job (in bullet format).
Knowledge of:
 Engineering field of study
 State and county offices pertaining to position
 The academic community environment
 Higher education retention and persistence programs
 Higher education policies, procedures, and best practices in area of student recruitment,
admissions, and retention
 Proficiency in use of a personal computer and current software applications including but not
limited to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and email)
 Working with engineering students, academic faculty and administrators
 Excellent verbal and written communication
 Excellent interpersonal skills
 Organization and time management skills
Ability to:
 Develop strong networking relationships across diverse communities
 Work with diverse populations and be sensitive to gender, disabilities, and cultural and ethnic
diversity issues
 Serve as a representative of the unit to diverse audiences, faculty, and students
Position Description – Coordinator, K-12 Outreach (Engineering)
Page 4
5. Describe the type of personal contacts encountered in performing the duties of the job.
Explain the nature and purpose of these contacts: i.e., to provide services, to resolve
problems, to negotiate.
Current Engineering Students,
Student employees
Deans Office Staff
Academic Faculty and
Department Chairs
Associate Dean & Dean
Prospective students
Community Groups; Discovery
Public School Personnel
(Principals, Teachers)
Reason for Contact
To provide specific training, supervision, and guidance, so they
may serve as representatives for the College at high school
presentations and for summer camp lessons
To obtain support and guidance
To coordinate summer camp programs geared towards
engineering education and ME2L experiments
To be accountable for assigned functions, to inform, resolve
problems, and serve as staff support, collaborate on writing grants
and brainstorming ideas with respect to future K-12 outreach
Reason for Contact
To provide early outreach and recruitment of students
To provide information and services and make appropriate
To provide information and services and respond to requests for
To provide information and services and respond to requests for
6. Indicate the minimum qualifications which are necessary in filling this position should it
become vacant. Please keep in mind the duties/responsibilities of the position rather than the
qualifications of the incumbent.
Minimum educational level, including appropriate field, if any.
Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution
Minimum type and amount of work experience, in addition to the above required
education necessary for a person entering this position.
Bachelor’s Degree and one year of related experience
Preferred Licenses or Certifications: None
Indicate any license or certificate required for this position.