Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Colloquium Series
An introduction to discontinuous Galerkin
methods with discussion of undergraduate
Dr. Chad Vidden
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
Numerical methods plan an important role in modern mathematics and science.
The behavior of the solution to an equation, integral, or differential equation
can be readily explored numerically, often when no mathematical techniques are
available. Today, scientific exploration is often conducted on computers rather
than by using laboratory equipment because it is more cost effective.
This talk will provide a basic introduction to numerical methods for differential
equations. The finite difference methods and discontinuous Galerkin methods
will be derived and analyzed for select problems. In addition, a derivation of a
partial differential equation for modeling heat flow will be presented.
Last, a discussion of undergraduate research will be provided. Students early
in their academic career who are searching for undergraduate research
opportunities are especially encouraged to attend!
Any student who is currently taking calculus 2 (MTH208) will find this talk
Friday, October 10th
3:30pm, Room 1401
All Welcome to Attend
Centennial Hall