Office of Residence Life Senior Staff Position Description

Office of Residence Life
Senior Staff Position Description
The Senior Staff position is a significant leadership opportunity in the Office of Residence Life, providing an instrumental
support to residence hall leaders, student staff and the Hall Director. This position is also aimed at providing additional
personal growth and professional development for individuals with previous student staff experience, who are ready to
take on additional responsibility beyond that of fulfilling the role of a Resident Assistant or a Desk Coordinator. Senior
Staff are to continually prioritize their primary responsibility as an RA or DC while balancing Senior Staff responsibilities.
Senior Staff work collaboratively with the Hall Director and have the responsibilities listed in this position description as
well as any tailored responsibilities designed with the Hall Director.
(1) Leadership Development and Advising
a) Assist Hall Director in advising (co-advising) hall government.
b) Assist in orientation and training of new and returning students as it relates to the core leader positions as well as
general knowledge about the Hall Council.
c) Attend all core leader team meetings and create opportunities for leadership and team development with the
core leader team.
d) Support overall student leadership development initiatives in Residence Life.
(2) Community Development Initiatives
a) Assist student leaders in organizing and implementing programs and major hall events for students.
b) Oversee one area of community development as determined by Hall Director. (i.e., weekend programming,
community service programming, all hall program efforts, etc.).
c) Meet with core leaders on at least a semester basis to plan and assess their efforts in this programming area.
(3) Training and Development
a) Serve as a liaison between staff and core leaders.
b) Assist in initial and ongoing training efforts of hall staff and leadership team.
c) Arrive prior to other student staff in fall and spring semesters to assist Hall Director in training and building
d) Assist with staff, core leaders and leadership team meetings in collaboration with the Hall Director (facilitate
meetings, create developments, and design social activities).
e) Aid in planning and facilitating staff training sessions as requested.
f) Act as a resource when/if student staff concerns and conflicts arise. Facilitate resolutions while keeping the Hall
Director informed of situations.
(4) Administrative Responsibilities
a) Assist the Hall Director with administrative responsibilities. This may include duty scheduling and tracking
student staff nights off, program tracking, etc.
b) Act in Hall Director’s absence under the guidance of an Assistant Director of Residence Life.
Senior Staff Position Description
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