Des Moines Register 04-25-06

Des Moines Register
Internet users pay respects on slain students' Web profiles
Friends and acquaintances of Molly Edmondson and Katrina Hill are
remembering the two Kirkwood Community College students by posting
comments on a popular Internet site.
Edmondson and Hill, both 18, were found dead Sunday afternoon. By Monday
afternoon, more than 30 members had written messages on, an
online community frequented by young adults.
"I love you so much :(," wrote user Monsoon Maria.
She was the first to post on Hill's MySpace page after Hill and her cousin
Edmondson were found dead in Edmondson's apartment near the Kirkwood
campus in Cedar Rapids.
MySpace says it is one of the largest and fastest-growing social networking Web
sites, with about 71 million users who interact with each other, exchanging
gossip, gripes and pictures. It's a popular way for friends to stay in touch over
long distances.
Michael Bugeja, director of Iowa State University's Greenlee School of
Journalism and Communication, said he believes that young people who use
these Web sites should think about privacy issues.
Despite the concerns, Bugeja said MySpace is "amazingly popular . . .
surprisingly so.''
Bugeja, who specializes in the study of new technologies and interpersonal
communication, said some funeral homes have begun offering Internet pages
where friends can post memorials.
But Bugeja said this is the first he's heard of these farewell messages appearing
on the site of an online community such as MySpace.
Hill used the MySpace member name Captain Rad Kat. In her profile, she listed
favorite music, movies and future plans, which included attending a fashion
institute in San Francisco. Edmondson posted under her first name, Molly.
In another online community,, a user posted a picture of the two
with the man accused in their deaths, Kyle Marin, 19, of North Liberty, who is
also a Kirkwood student.
The MySpace users who posted farewells included longtime friends and new
NOVEMBER fifth posted: "oh kat. kat. kat. you beautiful soul. heaven has an
angel that will shine so bright and will give everyone a high five and a hug. you
seriously were a blast to hang out with and thanks for introducing me to sushi. i'll
never forget ya."
Kassia posted: "Molly, My heart is broke into many pieces . . . Why would anyone
do this to you? Our questions will always go unanswered. You were a great
neighbor and a good friend. I will always remember your face, when me and
Lindsey came to your door in fat suits. That was great! I will always miss seeing
you every morning before class. There was always a smile on your face. You
have such a huge heart. You were always there to help anyone in need. I know
someday we will meet again but until then rest in peace. Much love!"