F&ES SEMINAR SERIES Peter Madden Innovating for the City of the Future

Innovating for the City of the Future
Peter Madden
Chief Executive of the Future
Cities Catapult
The demographics tell us we’ll be living in an increasingly urban world. These cities of the future will be places
of opportunity. But they will also face a range of pressures: provision of infrastructure, access to resources,
dealing with the impacts of climate change.
Making these cities of the future economically prosperous, environmentally resilient with a good quality of life
presents a suite of innovation challenges. And these innovation challenges are complex and systemic.
How then should we innovate for the cities of the future? Peter Madden is Chief Executive of a new urban
innovation centre, based in London, the Future Cities Catapult. In this talk he will give a practitioner’s view of:
- The nature of the urban innovation challenge
- How cities, companies and citizens are currently responding
- What we might need to do differently
- The innovation work of the Future Cities Catapult.
Peter Madden is Chief Executive of the Future Cities Catapult, a Board member of the Crown Estate and a
member of the Smart London Board and the UK Smart Cities Forum. He has previously worked as Chief
Executive of Forum for the Future, Head of Policy at the Environment Agency, Ministerial Adviser to the British
Government, Director of Green Alliance and Head of Policy at Christian Aid.
12:00-1:00 FREE EVENT in Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall
Lunch will be provided – first come, first served