Physics 313: Assignment 7 Problem 1: Problems From The Book

Physics 313: Assignment 7
Made available: Monday, November 24, 2008
Due in class:
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Problem 1: Problems From The Book
Please answer
1. Problem 7.3.
2. Problem 7.9. Ignore the second “(More advanced)” part of this problem, which, while interesting, will
take too much time to set up.
3. Problem 7.10.
4. Problem 7.11. Ignore the second part “Verify your prediction”.
5. Problem 7.13. For extra credit, do the complementary related problem 7.14.
6. Problem 9.2.
Problem 2: Time To Complete This Assignment
Please tell me the approximate time in hours that it took you to complete this assignment.
If you have time and interest, please give me comments about how you think this course should be taught
the next time (likely two years from now) so future students can benefit from your experience. Do you think
other material should be covered? Should the course take time to discuss current papers in the literature?
More presentations by students over the semester? Should there be a lab component (e.g., set up and
observe a BZ reaction in a Petri dish) or tours of labs doing research related to pattern formation? Should
the structure of the course be changed: less or more homework assignments (also shorter or longer)? Cover
material at a faster or slower pace?