Night-Time Lecture Instructions

Student Engineers’
Jessica Cronin ’16 & Thomas Dunn ’17
Engineering Development Co-Chairs
The Student Engineers’ Council serves as the
representative body for engineering students in the
Dwight Look College of Engineering. There are three
main purposes of the SEC: to be the representative voice
of all engineering students; increase engineering
awareness; and help further the professional advancement
of engineering students at Texas A&M University.
Students are able to pursue membership in the Council
after completing one semester at Texas A&M University.
Applications are due by September 24, 2014.
What is the SEC?
In an attempt to introduce general engineering
majors to the variety of disciplines here at Texas
A&M, we are conducting Department and Industry
Seminars. Both are crucial to an engineers’ success
in ENGR 111/112. They provide the opportunity to
learn, network and explore the possibilities within
Department and Industry
This semester, students will use the website
( as a link hub to the sites
where they will register for events. Keep in mind
that you are required to attend at least one Group B
seminar. After you register you should receive an
email from the provider, stating that you have
registered for a particular seminar.
Once students have registered and received the
confirmation email from the website, they should
either save or print the email out for use at checkin. We recommend that students arrive 20-30
minutes early to the seminars for registration. At
check-in we will need to see either the printed copy
or the email itself. After the electronic check in,
students will sign in on a roster before entering.
At Department and Industry Seminars, students are
expected to participate as an attentive, engaging
and respectful audience. Please refrain from using
your cell phone or laptop during the events as it
could be distracting to those around you as well as
the speakers.
Students must attend the Industry Seminars in
business casual. Students will be refused entry if
they are wearing any of the following:
• T-Shirts
• Athletic shoes or open toed shoes
• Shorts or Jeans
If you think your attire would be inappropriate to
wear to a job interview, then it is probably
inappropriate to wear to the Industry Seminar.
Industry Seminar Attire
If you would like a step-by-step demonstration on how
to register for the Department and Industry Seminars
please click the link below:
'How to Register' Video
The secure invite code for each event is:
• fye
Thanks & Gig’Em!
How to Register