Many thanks to everyone who filled in the evaluation sheets so thoughtfully and constructively. All teachers
on the module are delighted that is has been received so positively. However, we always strive to improve
and your comments and suggestions are welcomed and have been fed back to the module team. Please see
below some general responses to the issues you have raised. Your tutors will be very pleased to discuss these
further with you.
The overwhelming response to the seminar experience was enthusiasm and engagement. It is clear you
appreciate the effort that the tutors put in to preparing and supporting you with some very difficult topics.
Understandably, there are sometimes concerns with pace (too fast or too slow), levels of participation and
the reading (some find it difficult, too long, uninspiring). As the module is unique in its breadth and approach
selecting appropriate reading is often challenging. We try and include references to textbooks such as the
Hobsbawm quartet, Raymond Williams, Keywords and Chris Bayley’s, The Birth of the Modern World but also
include journal articles which may be more niche and esoteric but are also shorter. Understanding, critiquing
and engaging with a broad range of secondary literature is one of the key transitional issues from
school/college to university and you will find that your confidence in assessing this material grows as you
progress through your degree. But if you are struggling with any particular reading/topic do let your seminar
tutor know. They are here to help.
Lectures for the module were also well-received. Typical comments on lectures were: ‘well delivered and
clear’; ‘topics are interesting and lectures give a good overview’; ‘good content’; ‘good power points with lots
of information’; ‘I have enjoyed the wide historical scope of the topics being lectured about’; ‘great topics.
Enjoyable to study’; ‘Lecturers passionate about subject’.
There were some criticisms about the audibility and delivery of lectures; how they fit with the broader
themes of the module and the seminar; and occasionally the amount of information delivered. All of these
comments have been passed onto the lecturing staff but it is clear you enjoy the variety of approaches and
the ability to hear from experts in particular fields.
Personal development
The majority of respondents agree that the module has helped them present themselves with confidence
and improved their communication skills. Most students are pleased with their efforts to engage with the
reading and felt they have learnt and understood a lot in a short amount of time. Suggestions for
improvement mostly focus on preparing more for the seminars and improving time-management. Some
have suggested that this is their favourite module/class which is great to hear.