Board of Governor's Update

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August 2012
Board of Governor's Update
Roy Beeson of McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc. and Lou Couture of
URS Corporation have completed their second term as Governors.
Both Lou and Roy each devoted one year of their term as the
chairman for the Board and dedicated countless hours to the
improvement of the CCM credential.
"Their dedication and leadership to the BOG over the past 8 years is
remarkable." - Larry Smith, CCM, PE, Board of Governors 2012
Ray Brady of MWH Constructors and Christine Acampora of CBRE
have been elected to join the Board of Governors for the two
upcoming vacancies. They will begin their terms on the Board at the
CMAA Chicago National Conference as Roy and Lou's terms come
to an end.
Congratulations to Ray and Christine and thank you to Roy and Lou!
Change is Coming
CCMs have spoken, and the Board of Governors has listened! In the2012
Annual CCM Surveillance survey CCMs mentioned the recertification
process was challenging. The Recertification Committee reviewed CCM
renewal policies and purposed changes for the Board of Governors to
The recommended changes have been accepted. The revised policy
changes will make your renewing your easier! The changes will be
announced at the CMAA National Conference in Chicago and in the
November CMCI newsletter and should be implemented starting in 2013.
Future Focus
The CMAA Foundation's mission is to create, collect and disseminate new
knowledge and social trends that will affect the practice of professional
Construction Management.
In March 2012, CMAA Foundation held a Future Focus roundtable
meeting to discuss the five-year future of the construction management
profession. Read the thoughts of some of the leaders in your profession.
Mentors Needed
The nearly two year old Construction Manager in Training
(CMIT) program has rapidly grown to over 650 CMIT's and
counting! With that kind of growth, the program is looking for
more CCM's to help mentor these rising CMs. Plus CCMs
can earn Renewal Points for your help as well!
Taking Steps to Improve Efficiency
Per, two of the biggest players in
nonresidential construction are predicting a turnaround in the
industry, despite the malaise in the general economy.
"We feel that the construction market is moving off the bottom and
finally showing signs of improvement," says Nicholas Makes,
Senior Vice President at the Turner Corporation. "We have been
preparing for an upturn."
Thinking of Becoming a Member of CMAA?
Now is the perfect opportunity! Exclusive: CCMs that are currently not
CMAA members can join the organization at a discount rate from now
through all of 2013. So CCMs can get 5 months free! This is just in time
for the CMAA National Conference in Chicago. CCMs must fill out and
submit this form before September 30, 2012 to take advantage of this special offer.
Why Wait To Earn CCM Renewal Points?
The quickest way to earn Renewal Points is to attend the CMAA
National Conference. Not only do you earn points for attending, but for
each seminar you attend as well. So you can earn up to 30 Renewal
Points in just one conference! The 2012 CMAA National Conference
will be held in Chicago on October 21st - 23rd. You can see all the
educational sessions available on the CMAA website.
Promoting the CCM
CMCI is continuing to encourage owners and owner groups to
embrace the CCM certification. After a successful presentation
session by Doug Titzer at the CII National Conference in Baltimore
this past July, CMCI will be attending the Construction Owners
Association of America - Florida Chapter (COAA) meeting on
September 14, 2012 to continue advocating the CCM credential.
CCM & CMIT Reception
Mark G. Anderson Consultants Inc. (MGAC) will be sponsoring theCCM and
CMIT reception that will be held on October 20th, 2012 from 5:30pm - 6:30pm at
the CMAA National Conference in Chicago. Come have a drink and network
with your fellow CCMs and help motivate CMITs to become certified. Make sure
to attend and wear your CCM lapel pin!
Getting Pulse of CCMs
More results from the 2012 Annual CCM Surveillance Survey are below. A total of 438 CCMs
responded to the survey. CMCI is releasing some of what your peers had to say about the
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