Who We Are…

Who We Are…
“CCMs provide a framework to assure
our Construction Management is
consistent and our CCMs stay current
with industry best practice. CCMs are
recognized as professionals who care
about our industry.”
Dennis Milsten, CCM
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
“The CCM is the one designation that
is truly on target with what we do.”
Blake Peck, CCM
McDonough Bolyard Peck
“The CCM is extremely valuable to
me and my team.”
Christine Acampora, CCM, RA, LEED®AP
C. B. Richard Ellis
The CM Certification Program is administered by the
Construction Manager Certification Institute (CMCI), an
independent administrative body of the Construction
Management Association of America (CMAA).
CMCI’s mission is to recognize, through certification,
individual knowledge and experience that meet the
established practices of Construction Management.
CMCI is the only ANSI-ISO 17024
accredited Construction
Management certification
The goals of the Institute are to:
• Improve professional practice through the
establishment of professional development goals.
• Recognize individuals who demonstrate knowledge
and experience essential to the practice of
professional Construction Management.
7926 Jones Branch Drive
Phone: 703.356.2622
Suite 800
Fax: 703.356.6388
McLean, Va. 22102
Email: certification@cmaanet.org
The Mark of a Professional
Construction Manager.
What is CM certification?
Who should apply for the CCM?
The Construction Manager Certification Institute
(CMCI) recognizes the competency of an individual
to perform in the lead role of a CM practitioner
through the Certified Construction Manager
(CCM®) credentialing program.
Those who have…
• Achieving the CCM indicates to owners and
service providers that you have mastered
specific skills required to successfully complete
projects and programs.
The CCM offers a credential that increases
professional stature, earning potential and
advancement opportunities.
• 48 months Responsible-In-Charge (RIC)
– Did the decisions that you were empowered to
make directly impact the successful completion
of the project and were you directly responsible in charge of Construction Management
services and for protecting the interests of
the project/owner? If so, you are considered
• An undergraduate or master’s degree from a
university recognized by the Council for Higher
Education Accreditation (CHEA) in:
– Construction Management
– Construction Science
– Civil Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
– Chemical Engineering
– Industrial Engineering
– Architectural Engineering
– Architecture
• Or 8 additional years of construction or general
design experience.
How much does the
certification cost?
CMAA Member Application Fee: $275
Non-CMAA Member Application Fee: $300
Exam Fee: $275
How long is the exam?
You will have up to five hours to complete the 200
multiple choice question exam, which is offered
daily at testing centers around the world.
How can I prepare for the
CMAA has many ways to prepare for the CCM exam,
none of which are required or guarantee a passing
• Onsite Course: Professional Construction
Management Course
• Online Modules: Standards of Practice Distance
• Books: Construction Management Standards of
Practice Study Kit and the CII Best Practices Guide