Hardware/Software Quote Request Form Printer Request

Hardware/Software Quote Request Form
NOTE: Please answer all questions in each area of interest, where applicable. Changes will only be accepted for
up to 7 days after submitting this form, a quote will then be generated.
Printer Request
Color? Yes
Type of printer Laserjet
Primary Use Individual
Primary Function Print Only
Largest printed format 8.5x11
If Laserjet, need Duplexing (printing on both sides)? ☐Yes
No. of pull-out Trays needed
Need Stand? (for large multipurpose printers) ☐Yes
Connection Type: Local (USB)
Note: If new location and you want Network compatible, check to make sure there is an available Network
drop and/or electric close by. Network drop cannot be more than 14ft from computer location
Do you need IT to examine the location? No
What is Printer for? Replacement
Location for delivery/installation (list all, if more than one)
Are there any restrictions for location of printer?
If yes, please enter the restricting Height, Width,
and/or Depth of location for printer
Need cost of toner/cartridges at this time? No
Is request for? Department Purchase
When is it needed?
Click to Submit and Send via Email
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