Corporate Center

Corporate Center
St. Louis Community College's Corporate Center is well poised to support the region's economic rebound
through a comprehensive portfolio of business and workforce solutions. Expanding on the success of STLCC's
educational delivery offerings, the newly acquired Corporate Center will fill a critical local business need for talent
acquisition and development, entrepreneurship and innovation to support the ongoing transformation of the
region's knowledge-based economy.
3221 McKelvey Road
Bridgeton, MO 63044
• Proximity to high-traffic corridors I-70
and I-270
• Close proximity to labor pools in west
and north St. Louis County, St. Charles
• 149,553-square-foot, three-story, Class
A facility
• Accelerated Job Training
Solutions: Provides industry-specific
training offerings – in partnership with
STLCC campuses – to help adults retrain for in-demand occupations in shorter duration courses. Current
offerings include programs in the health care, information technology, sustainability, advanced
manufacturing and entertainment industries.
• Lifelong Learning Solutions: Provides a variety of high quality, short-term educational offerings – in
partnership with STLCC campuses – to prepare individuals for professional licensure or certification;
upgrade skills required for career advancement; and assist unemployed or retired workers with exploring
career transitions and second careers.
• Small Business Development Solutions: Provides technical assistance, training and shared resources
to aid small business growth, development and deployment. Facility will include a small business incubator
to support firms employing middle-skill graduates from STLCC career and technical programs.
• Talent Acquisition Solutions: Provides a complete menu of human resource offerings to employers
and job-seekers in partnership with the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE) and the
St. Louis County Department of Human Services, Division of Workforce Development. Services include
recruitment, screening, on-the-job training, referrals and job placements.
• Workplace Performance Solutions: Provides on-target, on-demand, and on-site training and
consulting services designed to help clients enhance the business performance of their employees and
processes. Areas of expertise include customer service, leadership and management, team development,
lean principles, and research and employee assessment.
Instructional Space
• Flexible lab space
• General classrooms
• Conference/seminar breakout rooms
• Multipurpose room
• Computer training labs
• Certification testing center
• Wireless internet access
Financial Overview
• 2009 list price – $12 million
• 2010 purchase price – $5.5 million
• Tenant revenue offsets operating expenses
• 1/3 match through CBIL fund balance
• 2/3 match through STLCC fund balance
• Planned renovations/improvements – $3.6 million
• Phase One – 27,000 sq. ft. renovation