MySTLCC – What is MySTLCC ID? 1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and type in the address bar, then, click on the
MY STLCC button in the upper right corner of the web page.
2. Click on the Get your MySTLCC ID button.
3. Click on the What is MySTLCC ID? button.
Or you can click on the first link in the ABC list, Access Your MySTLCC ID.
4. Type the following information:
• STLCC ID A-number (this is printed
on your STLCC OneCard)
• Last Name
• Birth Date.
Click Submit.
October 2010 Page | 1 MySTLCC – What is MySTLCC ID? Your MySTLCC ID and default “A” number password information will be displayed.
Write down this information or print the screen. You will need it to change your
Now, complete the next two steps.
Be smart! Change your password
Complete your security questions. October 2010 Page | 2