Telephone Services


Telephone Services

This office reports to the Department of Information Technology, Network Team.

Responsibility of the telephone service office includes:

Working with staff to determine telephone needs for each department/area

Ordering phones and coordinating new installations

Coordinating telephone moves

Reporting dial tone problems and broken telephones

Preparing monthly telephone bills

Billing for adds and changes

Administering the Voice Mail System o o o

Setting up personal voice mail boxes

Setting up auto-attend ant


Training staff

Maintaining Emergency Phones

Preparing and maintaining the front index of the Campus Telephone Directory (PDF)

All residence hall rooms are equipped with a telephone jack and dial tone. Students must furnish their own telephones. Telephones must be touch-tone, analog models. There is one jack per room, and the students in that room all share the same telephone number.

The telephone jack is red.

Students are not able make long distance calls from their rooms. In order to make a long distance call, a prepaid calling card needs to be used.

These can be purchased at local convenience stores.

Telecommunications Coordinator

Charles Moody

Kutztown University

(610) 683-4650

If you have any telephone or voice mail problems

or questions

, please feel free to contact




Frequently Asked Questions


 When I plug my phone line into the jack in my room I don't get a dial tone.

Please make sure your phone line is plugged into the red jack.