Lord of the Flies

Chapter 5
Jack’s statement
By: Sarah Anderson, Kevin Moran, and Matt Johnson
 The boys in Lord of the Flies are having a vote and are
finding a lot of conflict with power and obedience
which are main keys to survival and sanity
 When someone mentioned Ghosts in the assembly,
Piggy took the conch and tried to speak, but Jack shut
him down.
 This an example of people not following the rules, and
maintaining order.
“Why should choosing make
any difference? Just giving
orders that don’t make any
sense-.” (Golding 84)
 This quote demonstrates Jack not being mature and
being rebellious.
In the following Ralph says “You’re breaking the rules!”
Then Jack says “Who cares”
You need order and rules and that is why a leader is
chosen to give orders that do actually make sense
unlike Jack believes this is why he wasn’t elected leader
Jack seems to be more selfish and ignorant to others
and everyone’s well being he might start a new group
of his own and go against Ralph and his rules