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Career Pathway
Mrs. Burns
● Bullet Points
● Keep It Brief
● Focus on Key Facts
*Pictures should be used in slides to add value
History (cont.)
Project Description
● What did you do?
○ Career
■ what you observed
○ Community Service
■ what you did for the organization
■ make sure to detail each activity
○ Creative
■ explain your process from start to finish
Career Pathway
● Job Description
○ What is done in this field
● Work Environment
Career Pathway
● Education
● Salary
● Outlook & Progression
Community Service Pathway
● Name of the organziation
● Location of the organization
● Mission Statement/Vision
○ What is their primary purpose
● Impact on the community
Creative Works Pathway
● Information on the process
○ What did you do?
○ What did you make/create?
● Professional Critique
○ Who did it?
■ Include a quote from the critique
Short Term Goals
● Goal
○ How this project relates
○ How this process has helped
○ How this process has changed view/mindset
Long Term Goals
● How this project has inspired long term
○ Professionally
○ Personally
What has been learned from this project
and what were the biggest obstacles and
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