Chapter 14. Network Operating Systems

Chapter 14. Network Operating Systems
Project 14A: Choosing a Network Operating System
Scenario 1: Company ABC cannot make any additional hardware purchases, so the best
solution is Windows 9X. It is not a security-driven OS, but will allow users to configure
some basic security settings on sensitive files.
Scenario 2: Due to the size and security needs of this company, either NetWare 5X or
Windows 2000 would be most appropriate. Although Windows NT is also an option, it is
the oldest of the NOSs and is no longer available through Microsoft (June 2003).
Scenario 3: Macintosh computers and a Macintosh network are most appropriate because
this is a graphic arts studio.
Project 14B: Installing Windows 2000 Server (may be done as a
All steps for completion of this exercise are listed here. If there is a failure, walk through
the steps again, paying attention to details within the steps.