Research Project Statement 17-148 FY 2017 Annual Program

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(Rev. 5/2013)
Research Project Statement 17-148
FY 2017 Annual Program
Texas Mill Test Information for Load Ratings (Deliverable Based)
The Problem:
The AASHTO Manual for Bridge Engineering (MBE) provides conservative guidance on
assumed material strength information, such as yield strength and compressive strength, based
on age. The minimum requirements from the governing construction specifications could also be
used. In reality, actual materials used may have strengths measurably greater than the MBE
guidance or what was specified in the original plans. This can have a substantial impact on load
rating of structures. By researching sample mill test data from project records and taking
representative coupons from structures, an enhanced characterization of Texas bridge material
information could be developed. This would be used for more accurate load rating, and to
reduce the number of load posted bridges.
The work will include developing a sample database based on existing project plans and field
sampling for yield and ultimate stresses of reinforcing steel and rolled sections, and conducting
trial load ratings to characterize the load rating benefit associated with using this refined
1. Value of Research (VoR) that includes both qualitative and economic benefits.
2. Report that includes recommendations for yield and ultimate strengths for reinforcing steel
and rolled girder steel for Texas bridges constructed in the past 80 years.
1. Utilize the deliverable based templates (see the appendices provided or in the University
2. Proposals will be considered non-responsive and will not be accepted for technical
evaluation if they are not received by the deadline or do not meet the requirements stated in
RTI’s University Handbook.
3. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format, 1 PDF file per proposal. File name should
include project name and university abbreviation.
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
10:30 – 11:00AM
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Project Statement 17-148
Form ProjStat
(Rev. 5/2013)
Proposals are due to RTI by 4:00 P.M. Central Daylight Time, April 14, 2016. Email
submissions should be sent to [email protected]
Project Statement 17-148