Research Project Statement 17-146 FY 2017 Annual Program

Form ProjStat
(Rev. 5/2013)
Research Project Statement 17-146
FY 2017 Annual Program
Synthesis of Service Life Prediction for Bridges in Texas (Deliverable Based)
Project length not to exceed 12 months.
Project budget not to exceed $60,000.
The Problem:
In procurement requirements for design-build contracts, the Texas Department of Transportation
(TxDOT) may implement a 100 year service life requirement for bridge structures, with no
indicated measures for how this is achieved. In addition, for design-bid-build projects, TxDOT
and consultants use TxDOT recommendations for durability to improve service performance,
based on specific recommendations, such as high performance concrete, epoxy-coated
reinforcing, additional cover, and coatings. In both cases, no quantitative methods or codified
guidance is employed to demonstrate how the enhanced service life requirements are met.
The work to be performed will be a synthesis of national and international work in service life
prediction for bridge structures. International guide documents such as fib Bulletin 34, "Model
Code for Service Life Design," and ISO 16204:2012, "Durability," have improved this primarily in
the realm of chloride penetration, but this addresses only one aspect. Deterioration mechanisms
and quantitative predictions need to be identified, considering the range of conditions that may
exist for Texas bridges. Additionally, summarize what is currently being done when the facility is
turned back to the owner for verification of remaining service life.
1. Value of Research (VoR) that includes both qualitative and economic benefits.
2. State of the art report on service life prediction for bridges beyond 75 years.
3. Report developing quantitative criteria and identified deterioration methods, suitable for
including in a procurement document or manual to allow demonstration of meeting service
life of 100 years.
4. Documented tests or inspections with appropriate thresholds for determining achievable
service life at handoff (e.g., 5 years, 25 years, 50 years) when maintenance responsibility is
transferred from a design-build developer to a government owner.
1. Utilize the deliverable based templates (see the appendices provided or in the University
2. Proposals will be considered non-responsive and will not be accepted for technical
evaluation if they are not received by the deadline or do not meet the requirements stated in
RTI’s University Handbook.
3. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format, 1 PDF file per proposal. File name should
include project name and university abbreviation.
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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Project Statement 17-146
Form ProjStat
(Rev. 5/2013)
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Project Statement 17-146