Statute 1.2 – Meetings    

 Statute 1.2 – Meetings Made by the Monash University Council Version incorporating amendments as at 17 February 2012 1. Subject to the Act this statute shall apply to any meeting of the Council, the Academic Board, any faculty or any faculty board, and may be applied by regulation of the Council to any meeting of a department or any other university body. 2.1 Subject to this statute a university body may regulate its own proceedings. 2.2 All proceedings shall be entered in a journal. 2.3 At each meeting the minutes of the preceding meeting shall – 2.3.1 be read, unless copies thereof have been previously circulated to members; 2.3.2 be confirmed or amended; and 2.3.3 be signed by the presiding chairman as confirmed with or without amendment. 2.4 No question shall be decided at any meeting unless such a quorum, if any, as is specified in the Act or any statute, regulation or rule governing the meeting, is present. 2.5 At any meeting – 2.5.1 subject to the rights of the chancellor, the deputy chancellors and the vice‐chancellor and president to preside, the chairman of the body holding the meeting shall take the chair ‐ provided that if the chairman is absent or has vacated the chair the members present shall elect one of their number to take the chair; 2.5.2 subject to the Act, any statute, regulation or rule specifically governing the matter – any question shall be decided by a majority of members present and voting; the chairman shall have a deliberate vote and, in case of an equality of votes, a second or casting vote; 2.5.3 if a quorum is not present within half an hour after the time appointed the meeting shall be adjourned to another time. Statute 1.2 – Meetings 3. Regulations 3.1 The Council may make regulations for or with respect to any matter or thing necessary, expedient or permitted to be prescribed for the purposes of this statute. 3.2 The Meetings (standing committees of Council) Regulations shall be taken to have been made by the Council under this statute. End Notes 1. Table of amendments from 1 November 2011 (as incorporated into this version): Amendment Sections Amended Statute 1.4 – University Regulations (No. Section 3 inserted 7 of 2011) Commencement Date (Promulgation) 17 February 2012 Page|2