F RANCHISEE Financial Investment: $180,000 - $200,000

Financial Investment: $180,000 - $200,000
The reality of owning a retail store is that it can be a highly complex, time consuming, and difficult job. As
a franchisee you will have access to Fleet Feet Incorporated’s experienced staff, a large pool of fellow
franchisees who have been through all stages of the process, and access to our proprietary best practices
established through over 39 years of operation. Within the scope of this position, contribute to the
company’s overall mission to change people’s lives by creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging,
thereby helping them live a more fit life.
Work in partnership with Fleet Feet, Inc. to ensure store operations are completed according to
Company policies and procedures and all store goals and objectives are achieved.
Achieve financial objectives by preparing an annual budget, scheduling expenditures, analyzing
variances, and initializing corrective actions.
Market merchandise using advertising, sales promotion, space and floor planning; utilize forecasting
to ensure sales, stock holding, margin and availability is optimized.
Formulate pricing policies by reviewing merchandising activities, outlining sales promotions,
authorizing clearance sales, and studying trends.
Continuously build a strong customer base by designing and implementing store events and programs;
identifying marketing and promotional opportunities.
Create employee schedules to ensure adequate coverage for store operations based on day-to-day
sales volumes.
Maintain store staff through recruiting and selecting qualified associates; orienting and training staff
on fit, customer engagement, and sales techniques.
Utilize coaching, counseling, and corrective action techniques to enhance employee performance.
Act as a leader in customer engagement and education as it relates to proper fit, product usage, and
injury treatment and prevention.
Proactively respond to customer and employee questions and issues in a timely, professional manner.
Maintain professional and technical working knowledge through attending educational workshops
(Company-sponsored and non-Company sponsored), reviewing professional publications, establishing
and maintaining personal networks, and participating in professional societies as it relates to the
Company’s mission.
Act as a community leader and resource as it relates to maintaining an active lifestyle and wellness.
Actively participate in employee development and engagement by using tools such as on-the-job
training, performance metrics, and systematic performance reviews.
Maintain the stability and reputation of the Company by complying with state and federal legal
requirements including equal employment, minimum wage, meal periods, and safety obligations.
Other duties as required to ensure legal compliance, financial achievement, and the continued success
of the Fleet Feet brand.
Retail experience preferred. Must have strong interpersonal skills. Ability to self-motivate and selfmanage. Ability to motivate, inspire, and develop others. Must be accountable for actions and a problemsolver. The ideal candidate will be a hardworking entrepreneur and see problems and as opportunities.
Must have the ability to build an inspiring culture, be a community leader, and love to engage and interact
with people. Relocation to a Fleet Feet Sports market required.
If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, visit our website at
www.fleetfeetsports.com. At the very bottom of our homepage, click on any link under Own a Franchise
for more information and to complete a Franchise Inquiry form. Someone from our Franchise
Development team will contact you.