Participation Paper

Participation Paper -- (“doing it”)
Participation is worth 50 points.
Involves a 5-page typed participation analysis paper,
submitted in three parts.
Step One: Class creates a participation rubric.
Step Two: Individual creates a set of individually
generated goals.
Step Three: Part I of paper: One page, reacting to and
assessing the class-generated rubric AND in which you
generate your own participation goals for the semester.
Due Friday, February 6.
Step Four: Part II of paper: Three pages, two pages
consisting of a midcourse progress report of your own
efforts and one page which is a letter to your Participation
partner, providing specific feedback on his or her
participation as you have observed it to date. Monday,
February 23.
Step Five: Part III of paper: One page, which contains a
final, realistic assessment of your participation in the
course. Monday, April 19
The 5-page paper must be completed if any points for
participation are to be earned.