Environmental Health and Safety

Finance & Administration – Year-end Report – Part B – Planning and Assessment
Environmental Health and Safety
Mission: The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is committed to establishing and maintaining a healthful and safe work environment through the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of
environmental hazards in areas of industrial hygiene, regulatory compliance, laboratory and chemical safety, and hazardous waste management. These endeavors are realized through inspection of campus
areas, listening and responding to community concerns, training of university members and continual dialog with all involved to achieve problem resolutions.
College strategic objectives:
Division strategic objectives:
1.A.2 – Increase faculty scholarship and research impact
1. Ensure that all labs are safely operated within all health
& safety guidelines.
2014-15 Completion report (outcomes for this past academic year, based on last year’s year-end report, section F)
Key performance indicators
Lab health & safety audit finding
Target outcomes
No findings
Increased participation in key training
Actual outcomes
No finding
Training level consistent with prior years
Recommended action plans*
Closely Monitor & update policies and procedures
Offer more training opportunities
*Column contents should be used to indicate which strategic objectives below address the follow-up necessary.
2015-16 Department strategic plan:
1. Division strategic objective: Ensure that all labs are safely operated within all health & safety guidelines.
Department strategic objectives
Response to environmental health
and safety concerns/complaints
Reduce incidents
Expected outcomes
Resolution of concern.
Training of QCC faculty and staff in
safety health and environmental
topics, per regulations
Opportunities for training
Increased employees and students
Mid-year status report due end of January.
Completion report due early July (specific deadlines may vary by year).
Action plan/timeline
Continue employee & student education
to understand and recognize actual H&S
Ongoing training opportunities
M. Rodriguez
M. Rodriguez
Actual outcomes