Document 11032530

Round II – Dehydrated Business Plan
Business plans should be no longer than 10 pages of text, #12 font, and double
spaced with 1" margins. Up to 5 pages of appendices may be included in addition
to the 10 pages of text. The cover page, table of contents and executive summary
are not included in the total page count but are required.
Cover Page - Include the team name (and former name if team name has changed
since registration) and name of ALL team members. These team members must be
entered in the registration system. You may also include any advisors and mentors on
this page.
Table of Contents – Show only the section title, not subheadings. Since new sections,
subsections, or exhibits may be added at any time, it is suggested to not number pages.
Executive Summary – 1 - 2 pages - The summary should capture and present
succinctly the essence of the report. It is, in effect a micro version of the entire plan.
The executive summary should be at the beginning of the document but should be
written after the plan is thought out and completed.
Business Overview
 Describe the opportunity
 Describe the unique product/service solution
 Identify the intended audience
Marketing Plan
 Market research
o Market definition
o Describe the competition and identify your strengths
 Marketing strategy
o Describe how will you sell your products/services
o Describe how you will reach your target audience
The Startup Team
 Management team/principals – present the backgrounds of key
managers and employees
 Managing growth – describe how you will expand the management
team as your company grows
Financial Plan
 Current funding requirements
 Use of funds, include your implementation plan and key milestones
(prototype development, IP, hiring key personnel, first customer
sale, attaining break even performance
 Prospective financial data
 Exit strategy
Overall Impression
 Judges will offer an overall impression of the total business plan.
They will offer their opinion based on the overall quality of the
opportunity, management team strength, market dynamic, and
company viability.
Appendices and Exhibits – There will be no evaluation on appendices/exhibits.
You may include five pages of support material at the end of your plan.