Do I Like Doing This? - Handout 3 GRADE

Do I Like Doing This? Handout 3
Instructor’s Resource #1 (very basic examples and description)
1. Math
Electrical engineer – designs new and better products (cars, robots, lighting and wiring)
Physicists – study the natural world from particles to galaxies, do experiments
2. Reading
Writer- write books, magazine and newspaper articles, write for radio and television
Secretary – make appointments, file documents, answer phones, use fax machines, copiers and computers
3. Science –
Pharmacist – give medicine that a doctor has prescribed
Pilot – fly airplanes and helicopters
4. Social Studies
Psychologist – study the human mind, and why people act the way they do
Politician – run Federal, State and local government
5. Music and Art
Actor – performs on stage, television and in movies
Musician – compose, sing and play music
6. Building and Fixing Things
Carpenter – build things from wood and other materials
Automotive Mechanic – fix cars and trucks that need repair
7. Helping People
Teacher – teach children to read, write, do math and other skills
Social Worker – help people have better lives by overcoming problems
8. Computers
Computer Software Engineer –design new software for computers
Webmaster – make websites by turning words and art into Internet sites
9. Law
Police Officer –enforce the law, catch criminals, collect evidence and testify in court
Lawyer – Companies and people hire lawyers to give them legal advice and tell them what they can and can't do
under the law
10. Managing Money
Accountant – Keep track of a company’s money and make reports
Loan Officer – help people get loans for houses, a new business, car, college
11. Sports
Professional Athlete – a player that gets paid
Coach –help people learn to play a sport
12. Nature
Landscape Architect – design outdoor areas to look more beautiful
Veterinarian – take care of injured or sick animals
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