Scottish Rite Early Language Program University of Northern Iowa

Scottish Rite Early
Language Program
in conjunction with the
University of Northern Iowa
Speech/Hearing Clinic
The Scottish RiteCare program provides
education in the following and other early
childhood areas, with a specific emphasis
on speech, language and communication.
Children are exposed to a number of different
reading and literacy activities every week,
including group story book reading with some
of our favorite puppet characters and
classroom friends. Story book reading will be
based on various weekly classroom themes
and activities. Story book time will also be
used to promote learning of various
descriptive concepts and familiarity with
English language structures and grammar, as
well as different sound and letter learning.
Developing literacy and pre-reading skills are
a key focus of the classroom program.
Most all young children love music and there
is plenty to go around each morning in the
Scottish RiteCare classroom. Musical
activities are used for fun, relaxation,
exercise and motivation, yet more
importantly, to teach various language and
social concepts that are focused on in weekly
classroom themes. Many childhood oldies are
used as well as new tunes that children will
soon be singing on their own.
Art time will be used for teaching children
fine and gross motor skills, descriptive
concepts including color, size, shape, and
quantity, as well as producing beautiful
Math Concepts
Number recognition and naming, quantity
concepts, counting, and simple math and story
problems are the primary focus during Math.
Children are encouraged to manipulate various 2
and 3-dimensional objects that they count and on
which they can perform simple math related
exercises. Chidren’s songs and stories are
presented that incorporate various math related
concepts and computational activities. Math goals
are highly individualized for each preschooler,
with a focus on developing childrens’ awareness
and expression of number and quantity concepts.
Everyone likes math in the Scottish Rite room.
Writing/Speaking Skills
The Handwriting Without Tears Program is
incorporated in the Scottish RiteCare program
because of its facilitation of numerous
language concepts related to handwriting,
and because it can be easily tied to speech
production of individual sounds and phonetic
shapes. Children have a wonderful time
getting to know Mat Man, learning how to
hold a pencil, creating letter forms and
drawing letters in many different contexts,
while also broadening body awareness,
increasing fine motor skills and enjoying
different musical jingles associated with letter
and sound names. Who were to know that
handwriting could be so fun and easy?