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Scottish English

Medvedeva Arina
The varieties of English spoken
in Scotland. The main, formal
variety is called Scottish
Standard English or Standard
Scottish English (SSE)
1. Scottish English lacks about five vowel sounds that English speakers
2. Scottish speakers don’t use the schwa sound (ə) : (the sound in 'the' =
the sound in 'bit')
3. 'bird' and 'heard' are not homophones (the vowel in 'bird' can be the
same as the vowel in 'but' or 'bit' depending on the accent and gender of
the speaker)
4. 'coat' and 'face’ = /kot/ /fes/
5. front 'a' sound = back 'a' sound (both sounds are always fronted and
6. Scottish English didn't lose the /r/ at the end: 'fewer' is /fjur/
The Scottish accent
Scottish English is a combination of dialect with specific
borrowings from Old English and unique grammatical
constructions, more or less ordinary English and a clear
Scottish accent. Scottish English - a combination of the
specific dialect borrowings from the Old English
grammar and unique designs, more or less plain English
and clear the Scottish accent.