CMPS 1033 – Project Proposal Due Wednesday, September 15

CMPS 1033 – Project Proposal
Due Wednesday, September 15
Select a topic for your website project. You will be allowed to change if necessary, but you
are urged to give it some thought so that you will not have change. You can find an actual
client (a friend, family member) or you can come up with your own idea.
The header for this homework should be as follows, centered at the top of the page:
Web site name or topic
Your name
Lab Project Proposal – Part 1
Answer the following questions from your Lecture Textbook by McCracken & Wolfe as
relates specifically to your proposed web site.
Chapter 1 – Refer to Project Activity 19 (page 14-15)
First give a purpose statement for your web site. (See section 1.5.1 – page 5)
Type at least 500 words addressing the questions and issues in #19, giving a
thorough overview of your proposed web site.
Chapter 3 – Project Activities 19, 20, 21 (page 56-57)
For questions 19 & 20, type approximately 500 words discussing the questions and
issues related to your proposed web site.
Question 21 will require a shorter answer.
*If you are your own client, then you must provide the answers as relates to your
goal for your web site.
REMINDER: As with all assignments, your work is to be completed on a word processor, 1
inch margins all around, single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Type the above
header at the top of your page.