Assessing Global Political Risks Part I (answer individually)

Assessing Global Political Risks
Answer the following questions using section 9.2 as a reference.
Part I (answer individually)
1. Name and describe the four types of political risk.
2. List some questions that a company should ask itself when predicting
the possibility of risk.
3. List some questions that a company should ask itself to help evaluate
the extent of political risk.
4. What are some of the effects of terrorism on international business?
5. Explain the purpose of each of the different types of laws that relate to
Part II (answer with a partner)
1. Using the internet, research foreign newspapers and make a list of
articles that describe one of the types of political risk. Be sure to
indicate the country involved, the type of risk the article relates to, and
why you think it relates to that type of political risk.
Use the following chart to record your answers.
Article and
Type of Political Risk
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