1. Describe your prior experiences in creating and deploying professional development in
your school/district. What steps did you take to help address identified learning needs?
How did you evaluate your work?
Include the name of professional development opportunities that you have provided with
the date, audience, and type of delivery (on-line, face-to-face, coaching, etc.)
Describe how you defined the objectives of the professional development for one of the
opportunities that you designed.
Describe how you balance the content of the professional development with time and
activities for adults to process what they are learning.
Which characteristics of adult learners do you consider most as you plan professional
How do you maintain focus on the objectives of your professional development in the face
of disruptive, disengaged, or resistant participants?
How do you know when your professional development is successful? How is that
evaluation built into the professional development design?
2. Describe a time when you’ve been a critical friend to a colleague. What skills were most
critical for you to have a productive conversation?
Identify the situation in which you have been asked to provide feedback to another
educator about the quality of their students’ work, their lesson, assessments, written
communication, etc.
How did you structure the conversation so that the conversation resulted in improvement?
What communication skills have you honed in order to be successful and which skills
continue to be areas for improvement for you?
3. Provide a brief outline of your proposed work plan. Include a rationale, data, and your
desired project outcome(s).
 What problem are you trying to solve through your action research? Why is this problem
important to solve?
 What information did you use to identify the problem? How do you know who is
particularly impacted by this problem?
 How will you investigate and select an instructional strategy that has potential to solve the
problem or change the outcome for students?
 How will you know if you were successful or if further investigation is needed?
 What resources do you predict you will need?
4. Share a measurement system that you will use in order to indicate project success and
impact on teachers and/or students.
 What categories or criteria would be included if you were constructing a rubric for this
project’s impact on others?
 Which parts of this project are more important than others? How would your priorities be
reflected in the evaluation of the project?
 How would you like to receive feedback or be graded on this project?
5. Include a specific description of anticipated deliverables.
When your action research is completed you are required to share your process and results
with others:
 Draft a short article about your findings that would help others with the same problem or
issue. This can be shared in your school and/or district.
o How will you structure the article so that others want to know more?
o How will you balance the process you followed with the implication of your results?
 Prepare a 15-30-minute presentation of your project for your colleagues.
o How will you condense your process and outcomes into a short presentation? How
will you determine the focus of this presentation?
o How will your presentation invite a conversation to continue with your colleagues
about the process or strategy that you researched?
 Prepare a 90-minute professional development opportunity about your project that could
be part of a district, regional or state institute or conference.
o How will you structure the time to engage your participants and provide them with
a process to try in their own classrooms?
 Develop a mini-module about your project that can be hosted in Home Base so that your
experience can be shared across the state. The module has the potential to result in the
development of a Professional Learning Network about your problem or issue.
Which of these deliverables will be most comfortable for you to complete and which will require
more support?