Assignment: Amendments Name: e

Assignment: Amendments
Carefully read through all the Amendments. You can use the online Bill of Rights and Later
Amendments. You should also find other reliable resources to help you answer the following:
1. Create a timeline of Amendments that were ratified after the initial 10 (aka The Bill of Rights).
For each Amendment include:
a. Important dates
b. In your own words give a general idea about what the Amendment does.
2. Including the Bill of Rights and all the later Amendments, list what you think are the 5 (five)
MOST important Amendments in the order of importance which you think they hold.
a. Include the Amendment number
b. Include a couple of words that describes the Amendment
3. Justify your top two choices and explain why you feel they are the most important. Be sure to
give good supporting evidence for your choices.
4. The 27th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1992, 202 years after it
had been approved by Congress! Do you think that there should be some sort of time limit on
ratification? Why or why not? Explain your answer clearly.
5. What is an ‘Entrenched Clause’?
6. The Founding Fathers used entrenched clauses to push through the Constitution. By agreeing to
these concerns they pacified states that were fighting against the document. Do you think that
entrenched clauses should be allowed ever again in the amendment process?
7. Are there any issues that are so important that they should have that sort of inflexibility built in?
Why or why not? Explain your answer clearly no matter which side you select to defend.